The Essex Community Justice Center is a partnership between citizens and government to address the effects of crime at the community level.

If you are interested in volunteering, please review our Volunteer Recruitment Policy and complete our Volunteer Application. Applications can be e-mailed to Susanna Weller at


Restorative Justice Panels:  Volunteer on a Monday or Thursday evening or on Tuesday mid-day on a team of 4-5 to support the restorative process for victims and offenders.  Panels are currently held in Essex, Colchester and Milton. To learn more contact Susanna Weller at or 802-662-0001 and click on the link for our RJ Volunteer Job Description.

COSA:  Volunteer at least once a week for a year on a team of 4-5 to support an offender’s reentry and positive integration into the community. Contact Kristen Brownlow at or 802-662-0003 and click on the link to view the COSA Volunteer Job Description.