PURPOSE OF POSITION: To positively reintegrate people (“core members”) returning to our community after incarceration through uplifting and supportive social connections.

DUTIES: Engage with other team members, CJC staff and core member in conversations with the CORE member in a weekly circle that provides support and accountability.  


Willingness and ability to:

  • Engage in a restorative process

  • Work with a team  

  • Take direction from staff

  • Be fair

  • To listen

  • To be aware of personal judgments

Prospective Volunteers will not:

  • Have a violent criminal history, or multiple felonies

  • Be under the supervision of the Department of Corrections

  • Be in the process of completing their own restorative process or;

  • Have any other complicating entanglements with the Department of Corrections, or their local law enforcement agency including but not limited to; pending or resolved legal actions, civil action or informal history that would create a conflict of interest.

TRAINING: All volunteers for the Essex Community Justice Center must have the following training prior to serving as a COSA team member:

  • Basic Orientation to the Department of Corrections through the DOC Volunteer Coordinator

  • Basic COSA 101 training    

  • 2 day intensive statewide COSA Training

BENEFITS:  Assisting those in need in your local community and supporting your local community in becoming stronger and safer. Reducing the time and cost for taxpayers and offenders by addressing crime locally.  Supporting those affected by crime by holding offenders accountable for their actions. Support a program that reduces recidivism, making your community safer.

 TIME COMMITMENT: A minimum commitment of one-year service on a COSA team, and attendance at team meetings at least 1 time weekly.  Additional expectations include case preparations, initial trainings, ongoing trainings, and attendance at quarterly business meetings.  If you are inactive on the team for 12 months or more, you will need to complete steps to update your volunteer status before becoming active.

AUTHORITY AND SUPERVISION: The work activities of the COSA team will be supported and coordinated by the Community Connections Coordinator and at the discretion of the Essex Community Justice Center Director.